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Is this tool a good fit for me?

Who is this tool designed for, and how can it be used?

This convenient, cost-effective tool is designed for anyone wishing to craft compelling copy for real estate listings. Copy Cat clients include freelance real estate copywriters, DIYers, independent realtors and large real estate agencies. The tool is also popular with agents whose second language is English.

Clients adapt the Copy Cat tool to suit their needs: some log-in regularly to search for that elusive phrase to describe an aspect of a property; others use the Copy Cat compiling tool as a start-to-finish solution for creating engaging real estate ads.

All things considered, even if the Copy Cat Listing Generator contributes to only one additional sale per year – then, as our clients regularly attest, “It’s money well spent!”


Will The Copy Cat Phrase Finder tool write my listings for me?

Not automatically. Our real estate listing generator is capable of generating thousands of catchy real estate phrases to form the foundation of your real estate listings. And while it will do 95% of the work, it will not write the entire listing for you.

Fortunately, the Copy Cat team has done the heavy lifting to make these phrases available to you via an intuitive interface, however you’ll still need to become acquainted with the tool to scratch beneath the surface and reveal the gold that lies waiting. We believe that just as every home you list is unique, so too should your property description.

So, with a little bit of practice, like most of our longstanding clients, you’ll soon be producing real estate copy more efficiently – saving you time – and more effectively – contributing to additional sales. As a bonus, you’ll also become a much better writer!

If, on the other hand, you’re searching for a one-size-fits-all instant online solution that will produce impersonal, less imaginative real estate copy with the risk of sounding just like your competitors … well, the Copy Cat Real Estate Listing Generator probably isn’t for you!

Need real estate copy in a hurry?

Should you have a deadline looming, you can always use the Copy Cat’s Content ‘Quick Start’ Templates (view the screenshot below). Simply choose a relevant template from the dropdown list at the top of the compiling window and fill in the blanks.

Alternatively, at an additional cost, there is a selection of copywriting service options available, all with a 48-hour turnaround. Or, for a small fee, you can take advantage of The Copy Cat’s proofreading/editing service. Send the copy you’ve completed to The Copy Cat and receive it back within 24 hours, proofread and perfected.

Content template feature - Copy Cat Real Estate Listing Generator
Content ‘quick start’ templates

The Copy Cat competitive advantage for agents...

The internet is full of bland, cliché-ridden real estate ads, most of which contain endless lists of property features but with little effort being made by their authors to firstly connect with, then engage with buyers.

The solution: The Copy Cat Real Estate Listing Generator houses thousands of eloquently worded real estate phrases to describe aspects of a property and its location, but with the primary focus of appealing to buyers’ hearts and spurring them into action.

So while it may be true that a picture paints a thousand words, when you’ve got 1000 characters to fill to promote a specific property to an eager audience, why would you waste them?

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