Watch the demonstration below to learn how to craft compelling real estate listing descriptions within 15 minutes using the Internet’s premier AI-powered Natural Language Generation (NLG) tool.

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For your convenience, the templates used in this video can be copied below. Paste them into the relevant fields of CopyAI’s ‘Freestyle’ tool and edit the property features to reflect your own listing. Save them as ‘Custom Templates’ for future use.



Step 01: ‘What are you looking to create?‘ Copy & Paste the following into the input box at Step 1 of the Freestyle tool (Edit to match your listing):

Write a compelling introductory paragraph for the following real estate property for sale

Step 02: ‘What are the main points you want to cover?’ Copy & Paste the following into Step 2 of the Freestyle tool (Edit to match your listing):

Property: 4-bedroom Hampton-style home, 2-story with basement, in a prestigious location.
Key selling points:
- Elevated lot with valley views;
- Set among other quality homes in an eagerly sought street;
- Located only minutes from Bateau Bay beach and Bateau Bay Shopping Center.
Emphasize the lifestyle benefits.

Step 03: Choose a Tone: Select ‘Persuasive’ (but feel free to experiment with other options).

Step 04: Click the ‘Create Copy’ button and review the generated content. Copy and paste your preference(s) into the editing window at the right of the screen, to be reviewed shortly.

REPEAT STEPS 1 – 4  (as laid out below…)
Again use the ‘Freestyle’ tool along with the alternative templates provided below. This will generate the body of your listing and closing paragraph/call to action.
Tip: To prevent repetition, do not repeat content entered at Step 2

Step 05:’What are you looking to create?’ Copy and Paste the following into Step 1 of the Freestyle tool (edit to match your listing):

Real Estate Listing. Convert the following Property features into benefits that will appeal to families, young professionals, and first-time homebuyers.

Step 06: ‘What are the main points you want to cover?’ Copy and Paste the following into Step 2 of the Freestyle tool (edit to match your listing and its unique property features. Add/remove rooms, inclusions, highlights etc):

Property features:
- Bedrooms: large main bedroom with luxe ensuite offering dual vanities and spa tub. All bedrooms have walk-in robes;
- Kitchen: Galley kitchen with stainless steel high-end Miele and Smeg appliances. Island bench and breakfast area;
- Living areas: 2800 sq ft of living space; cathedral ceiling and fireplace in Great room, light-filled with large windows, polished floorboards;
- Basement: Games room, home theater, gym and studio;
- Outdoors: Large timber deck, paved patio and pergola, fenced, child and pet-friendly yard, gently sloping block, landscaped;
- Amenities: Close to Bateau Bay Square shopping center, restaurants, cafes, hospital and medical centers, beach and bicycle trails, public transport nearby.
Focus on lifestyle benefits
End with a call to action to create a sense of urgency: i.e. Popular, tightly-held suburb - will not last long …

Step 07: Choose ‘Persuasive’ for the Tone

Step 08: Click the ‘Create Copy’ button

Step 9: Browse generated copy options and mix and match the output to finalize your listing.

Step 10: (optional): Paste your freshly compiled listing into a new Google doc and use the recommended FREE Chrome extensions – Grammarly and/or WordTune – to polish and/or condense your listing.

And you’re done! The result is a professionally compiled real estate listing accomplished quickly and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a real estate copywriter.


Additionally, you can use CopyAI to create real estate agent bios, agency profiles, catchy real estate slogans, real estate headings, real estate photo descriptions, meta descriptions for SEO; plus it can easily handle the copy for all your social media posts.


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Check out the comprehensive video tutorial below that was produced by the CopyAI team. Learn to write better real estate listings, social media copy, about me blurbs, client testimonials, case studies, cold outreach emails and more…

VIDEO TIMESTAMPS (to skip to the desired section in the demo below):

05:48 Write a Real Estate Listing Description using the Freestyle tool
09:25 Write more comprehensive listings using expanded input
11:45 Experimenting with tone, i.e. Professional, Luxury etc.
15:40 Best practice for creating custom templates
20:00 Write an about me profile using CopyAI
23:38 Write a client success story using CopyAI
26:00 Write a client testimonial using CopyAI
27:00 Write a case study using CopyAI
28:20 Write social media content using CopyAI
31:50 Create a cold outreach email to prospects

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