There is much written about how and why consumers make purchasing decisions. It has been well documented that buyers tend to use the emotional side of their brain to make decisions and the logical side to justify or rationalise the decision.

The key features of a property are those that are tangible such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the price and location. These features will tick a person’s logical boxes and add credibility and substance to a buying decision. The benefits of a property are the things that satisfy a need or personal value. These appeal directly to the emotional state and aspirations of a buyer.

Let’s take, for example, an open-plan kitchen/dining area that is modern and functional. A well-appointed kitchen can be a top selling feature in a home. But what value or improvement will this feature bring to the lives of a buyer?

To help you define the benefits, start by listing the features of the kitchen/dining area:

  • Modern
  • Quality appliances
  • Functional
  • Open-plan
  • Central
  • Island bench

Now, link these features to a benefit that will resonate with your buyers. With the influx of cooking shows and influential celebrity chefs, we have become more passionate about preparing healthier home-cooked food for family and friends than ever before. Use words that convey positive thoughts, strike an emotional chord, communicate a lifestyle or open a buyer’s eyes to unseen potential. Here are some examples:

  • A fully equipped, modern kitchen makes food preparation a breeze, while the open floor plan serves as a gathering place for friends and family.
  • The cook can converse with the guests in the open plan kitchen/dining area
  • The dining room opens to the kitchen for easy communication between host and guests
  • The open-plan kitchen/dining ensures the chef remains in the midst of the action
  • The well-equipped open-plan kitchen ensures those preparing food are part of the conversation
  • A kitchen for serious cooking and entertaining
  • The open-plan kitchen/dining area is the perfect environment for entertaining
  • The open-plan kitchen/dining is designed to suit all occasions from entertaining guests to relaxing with family after a day at work
  • Entertaining is a dream in this modern free-flowing kitchen & dining area
  • The open-plan kitchen/dining area is the perfect environment for family and friends to congregate
  • The kitchen’s island bench doubles as a communal space for gathering and feasting

In these examples emotive language is used to build a connection that engages with potential buyers on a psychological level. It tells them they will have a kitchen in which they can enjoy cooking, impress family and friends, and engage more on a social level.

For maximum impact, both the visual and the written text should work together to create a marketing message that will connect with buyers in a personal way.

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