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Features & Screenshots

New WYSIWYG Editor

We’ve integrated the popular CKEditor for enhanced editing. You can format your listings, paste from Word, insert ‘quickstart templates’ and more…

Improved search tools

We’ve expanded and optimised our database and we’ve launched two brand new search tools: Luxury Listings and Emotional Hooks.

Autosave function

If you lose your internet connection before saving, you won’t lose your work. Progress is saved to your browser’s cache at 15-second intervals.

Photo upload

Upload property photos as a handy reference when compiling your real estate ad.  Please note: photos are not saved with listings.

Word limiter

Filter search results to return phrases with 8 words or less. Great for creating bullet lists when copy space for your real estate ads is limited.

Google Drive integration

Upload listings directly to your Google Drive (requires an email address linked to Google). Provides an additional storage option for all subscriber plans. 

Built-in spellchecker

Switch on the built-in SCAYT (spellcheck as you type) functionality and choose between British-English or American-English, among others.

Draggable search tools

Rearrange your workspace by dragging search tools into position. Makes the task of finding that perfect phrase an effortless one.

Language options

Choose a language filter while searching. Exclude words that use British or American-English variants, e.g. colour/color; cosy/cozy etc.

Listings library

Manage real estate listings in your ‘listings library’. Additionally (Pro & Agency plan members), share your listings with colleagues.

Snippets library

Save ‘Snippets’ of commonly used text to a dedicated snippets library for quick insertion when compiling future listings. Examples: suburb & agency profiles

Content templates

Don’t start from scratch when compiling a real estate listings. Instead, use a selection of quick-start templates accessible from the compiling window toolbar.

Luxury Listings tool

Appeal to high-end buyers by showcasing a property’s desirable features. Search subcategories: Recreation, Technology, Designer Detail, Setting & Construction.

Emotional Hook tool

Choose phrases that will appeal to buyers’ hearts. Subcategories for searching include Status, Lifestyle, Security, Community/Belonging & Potential/Scope.

Proofreading option

Forward listings internally to colleagues for editing. Alternatively, members can send their work to the Copy Cat team for professional proofreading (paid service).

Save to cloud

Pro & Agency Plan members are allocated storage space for managing listings and snippets. Save for re-use, future editing or send for proofreading.

Power words

Refer to this selection of real estate power words, as identified by Zillow. Include them in your listing to capture attention and send a positive message to buyers.

Sentence connectors

Drag and drop a selection of transitional words and phrases to improve the flow of your listing and to connect sentences efficiently and elegantly.

More options: share, print, copy

Share your work via email or Facebook. Copy to your clipboard and paste into your preferred listings management software or word processor.

Grammarly® Integration

Harness the power of the world’s leading grammar-checking tool. This FREE Chrome plugin can be activated within your browser to take your writing to the next level!

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