Applying the glue to your Copy Cat Phrase Finder creations

Your goal when writing a property description is to convey information clearly and concisely and to keep potential buyers engaged and interested. Transitions are connecting words or phrases that hold writing together, like glue.

They help you to achieve this goal by establishing logical connections between sentences and paragraphs, smoothly carrying your potential buyer from the beginning to the end of your property description.

Transitions strengthen cohesion and facilitate flow both between, and within, your writing. Without them, you end up with short, unconnected sentences that sound choppy and disjointed. This can disrupt mental flow and cause ambiguity and confusion for buyers.

Different types of transitional words and phrases have different effects on the meaning of your sentences. They can be divided into groups according to their functions, with some applying to more than one category.

Functions include:

  • = To give examples (e.g. such as)
  • = To elaborate (e.g. also)
  • = To indicate place (e.g. nearby)
  • = To emphasise (e.g. above all)
  • = To concede (e.g. of course)


Complete with – For example – For instance – Illustrated by – In particular – Including – Specifically – Such as.

  • = The home incorporates features such as …..
  • = Charming character detail includes ornate ceilings and dado boards
  • = a covered deck, complete with gourmet gas BBQ


Additional – Additionally – Also – Along with – And – Another – As well – As well as – Besides – Both-and – Coupled with – Equally important – Finally – First – Further – Furthermore – In addition – In addition to – Last – Moreover – Not only-but also – Second – Together with – Too – While – Whilst.

  • = Another beautiful feature of the home is the stone fireplace
  • = Four spacious bedrooms are also on this level
  • = The home is further enhanced by its lush, landscaped yard
  • = The property has the additional convenience of smart home technology
  • = Timber window trims and wainscoting also contribute to the home’s charm
  • = Clerestory windows bathe the interior in light whilst bi-fold doors open to welcome the breeze


Above – Across – Adjacent – Along the edge – Around – At the bottom – At the front – At the left – At the rear – At the right – At the top – Behind – Below – Beneath – Beside – Beyond – In front of – In the background – In the centre – In the distance – In the forefront – In the foreground – Nearby – Nearer – Next to – On the side – On top – Opposite – Out of sight – Over – Straight ahead – Surrounding – To the east – To the north – To the south. – To the west – Under – Within sight.

  • = Conveniently located adjacent to the railway
  • = You’ll find all the essential services nearby
  • = At the rear of the property, the attractive garden is fully enclosed by a timber fence
  • = The home affords views of the garden and beyond
  • = The city skyline in the distance is visible from the living room
  • = Open-concept living, kitchen and dining areas occupy the lower floor
  • = The top floor accommodates the sleeping zone with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • = Decks survey the surrounding forest


Above all – Certainly – Especially – Furthermore – In fact – Indeed – Is sure to – Surely – Without a doubt – To great effect.

  • = The star attraction is the indoor hot tub
  • = Without a doubt, now is the time to inspect this fabulous property
  • = This property is sure to impress
  • = You will love the open-plan design, especially when you’re entertaining family and friends
  • = Furthermore, the home boasts a huge entertaining area with a tranquil leafy vista
  • = Tropical planting has been used to great effect


Naturally – Of course – What better way – As might be expected.

  • = Naturally, the master suite is the grandest of them all
  • = Of course, daydreaming comes naturally in this place you could call home
  • = Of course, the home enjoys all the creature comforts and mod cons you can imagine
  • = What better way to enjoy a backyard than from the comfort of a cool, shady gazebo
  • = This waterfront home features all the luxury touches you would expect in a home of this calibre

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