• Before you begin... Getting Started
    Write a list of your property’s features and benefits (these will become your 'keywords' for searching), or grab your completed property appraisal form (download our example form here). Optionally, upload property images and floorplans. These sit above the compiling window for reference.
  • Get started! STEP 01
    To begin, type 'Intro' into the 'Intro & Linking' search box located beneath the compiling window. Scroll through the results and select a suitable opening. Alternatively, load a 'quick start' content template from the compiling window toolbar and fill in the blanks.
  • Build your listing STEP 02
    Work through the draggable search boxes to return real estate phrases that describe property attributes such as the interior layout, style, garden, amenities close by, view, aspect and setting. The handy search box to the right of the compiling window will return all database phrases across all categories, by keyword.

  • Linking & joining STEP 03
    Again, use the Intro and Linking' search box (or 'Connectors' panel to the right of the compiling window) to find sentence starters, joiners and endings. These will 'knit' your selected phrases together to create cohesion and flow within your copy. Other features to help you perfect your copy include the synonym finder and the 'Power Words'panel.
  • Closings & Call To Action STEP 04
    The last step in your copy is to create a compelling closing or call to action. Select phrases from the 'Emotional Hook' and/or 'Closing & CTA' search boxes that will tap into your buyers’ emotions and/or persuade them to act. Choose one phrase or join several together.
  • Save & Share Options STEP 05
    Once you're happy with your copy, you can save it as a listing or snippet, download it or upload it to Google Drive via the green Save button. Use the ribbon toolbar within the compiling window to print or copy to your clipboard and paste into your preferred MLS (Multiple Listing Service) or word processor. Store your completed copy or works-in-progress in your listings or snippets library for future reference.

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