By using potentially insensitive real estate buzz words in your property ads, you may not be reaching, engaging or resonating with a growing portion of buyers. These seemingly harmless words in your listings could be the reason why a potential buyer doesn’t pick up the phone and make an enquiry.

The 21st Century has witnessed remarkable changes in family structures, dynamics, ideals and practices. With our increasingly diverse population comes the need to keep up and reflect this when marketing listings.

Is there language in your real estate ads that indicate preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, sex, handicap, familial status, or other sensitive factors? Here are some common examples of language used in real estate ads that could be perceived as preferencing one group over another:

  • Empty nesters
  • Ideal for families
  • His & Hers sinks
  • For the handyman
  • Bachelor pad
  • Master bedroom
  • First-time home buyers & newlyweds
  • Mother-in-law quarters
  • Man cave
  • In walking distance to

Of course there is more to a marketing campaign than the print media and website property ad. A well thought out customised marketing strategy will incorporate a focused message toward the interests, needs, and motivations of a specific group. This is where a comprehensive database comprised of segmented leads comes in, allowing you to directly market to potential buyers with a more effective targeted message.

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