CTAs: do your property ads convert?

A call to action is defined as ‘an instruction aimed to incite an immediate response from your target audience’. It is the last and possibly most important step in your real estate ad copy and can make all the difference in converting prospects to customers. Without a clear and specific call to action, the most eloquent or persuasive copy will not capture leads, nor impact conversion rates. If you desire action from potential buyers, you need to ask for it, and affirm that you are ready and able to serve a buyer’s needs.

Words can be extremely powerful. In a competitive marketplace, evoking feelings in the selling process can be the key to success. Some words and phrases can more effectively tap into emotions and persuade action than others.

Below are some time-tested tips for creating calls to action, with examples of motivating words and phrases to try out in your ad copy:

Start with a verb or action-oriented phrase: Get, start, save, maximise, enquire, come along, snag, act, call, phone, email, check out, discover, explore, see why, talk to us, add, arrange, come in, inspect, secure, learn more, contact me.

Make it personal: me, my, you, yours, your own, you’ll love, your new home.

Create a feeling of exclusivity: Limited, exclusive, access, personal viewing, rare, scarce, opportunity, enviable, unique, special, astute, calibre, hard to come by, request a viewing.

Convey a sense of urgency: Now, last chance, hurry, today, ASAP, don’t waste another minute, don’t miss out, this one won’t last, act now, never-to-be-repeated, prompt viewing recommended, don’t miss the boat, don’t delay, early viewing recommended, grab your chance now.

Inspire trust: no obligation, best-selling, guaranteed, private, proven, protect, authentic, build, ask, result, committed, confidence, expectations, assurance.

Focus on what your buyer desires: new, lifestyle, dream home, reality, portfolio, sanctuary, investment, generations, family, future, quality, paradise, prestige, perfect, ideal, nest, personality.

With prospective buyers searching for properties both online and via the traditional print medium, your call to action will, of course, vary to suit. Regardless of whether the call to action is to phone, click (or touch) or visit, make sure it’s easy for your audience to act. Your message should be explicit, positioned within the logical flow of information and, most importantly, contain accurate contact details so prospects know exactly where to find you.

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